The Real Reason Stores Are Out Of Toilet Paper – A Theory of Increased Defecation

The Real Reason Stores Are Out Of Toilet Paper – A Theory of Increased Defecation


I did not stock up on toilet paper. I figured it would be back in stock after the panic subsided. But it’s not yet, and we’re down to our last two rolls. All of my eco-friendly sources are sold out. All of the terrible places, like Walmart and Amazon, are still sold out too.

Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other hygiene essentials started selling out weeks ago amid mounting concerns over coronavirus. Retailers and suppliers said we had nothing to worry about, that they’re churning out more product and cranking up inventory to meet the new demand. I read in more than one article that soon stores will have pallets of TP in the middle of the isles marked down 50% because there will be a gluttony of stock soon. While this may happen at some point, it’s not happening yet.

The thing suppliers did not account for is the increased demand for toilet paper for homes. Offices are empty, people are working and staying at home, and so, consequently, people are pooping at home.

If you’re desperate for toilet paper I recommend ordering some of that single-ply, super-cheap commercial toilet paper they have at offices that nobody likes. There’s plenty of that! Just search for “commercial bath tissue“. I plan on ordering some for rush delivery after I finish writing this article.


People Are Pooping More!

I have a theory that I don’t think others are considering.

I am the partial owner of Midtown Composting. We pickup 5-gallon buckets of food waste from people’s homes every week. And I’ve noticed a massive change in what we pick up.

You may have noticed the reports of stores being sold out of produce as well as the aforementioned products. And this coincides with what we see in our buckets that we pickup. The buckets are much more fill, and what fills these buckets has shifted from flowers, compostable to-go containers, and pizza crusts to bell pepper stems, orange peels, and lots of failed kitchen experiments.

Compost Bucket – Midtown Composting
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In other words, people are cooking more, eating more produce, and I contend, consequently, that people are having more bowel movements!

I wish we would study the health and the bowel movement ease and frequency of the population before and after quarantine.

This article is a little facetious; I’m sure the increased elimination has less to do with low stock than the aforementioned reasons. But I also want to bring up a serious point: In a lot of ways, this is how we should be living! If we are to save our environment as we know it, this kind of economic shift should be step one. For our health and our environment, we should be working at home, eating at home, and driving at little as possible.

I also see a lot of people in the nicer areas walking their dogs, jogging, and outside playing with their kids. I saw more dads sitting outside on their lawns with their kids than I ever have seen before.

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I hope you are doing everything you can to capitalize on this situation and help anyone else in need. This article does not mean to belittle or marginalize the hardships that many are experiencing through this pandemic. People are lonely, broke, and scared. Lots of people need help. Maybe just a phone call, maybe more. We may need to remain physically distant from people but we don’t have to be socially distant. I think this is a great time to check a few tasks off your bucket list (time to write a book?), see how you can help someone in need, and consider how we can live with less of an environmental impact and better health from now on.

The Real Reason Stores Are Out Of Toilet Paper – A Theory of Increased Defecation
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